Will There Be Cosmetic Items in Artifact?

In a new direction for Valve, there has been no cosmetic items announced for Artifact, a huge breakaway from previous titles they have made such as Dota 2, CS:GO and TF2. The fanbase of Artifact are currently wondering how the game will implement such popular features such as premium cards, sleeves, cosmetic imps or new boards. After a few games at Valve HQ, we managed to get an interview with Jeep Barnett to get answers as to why this hasn’t been talked about.

“Right now, Richard Garfield just wants us to focus on the game.” remarked Jeep. After a few nervous glances at the door, he continued the interview with us. “We do know that people do want to show off their skill and support the artists of their favorite cards in different ways, so before launch we’ll be discussing in a blog post-”

At this point, Richard Garfield stormed into the room, cutting off Jeep. “Back in my day, we didn’t have these newfangled sleeves or premium shiny cards, we played Black Lotus on concrete and we liked it!”

“Originally I wanted the backs of the Artifact cards to wear down and scratch over time, and it’d be a sign of respect that you played that card so much. So what if that’d ‘mark the cards’ or whatever that car guy said?” remarked Garfield

“It’s all about getting back to the cards. I didn’t even want to put in this constructed deck thing, I wanted it so that you got completely random cards and had to play just as is-”

At this point, Jeep Barnett interrupted to let us know that Richard Garfield had to be returned to Fantasy Flight Games for the weekend to finish off Keyforge.

More updates to follow.


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