New Gauntlet Draft Details Revea*ONE MINUTE UNTIL FORCED SURRENDER*led

Yesterday multiple game websites including IGN and PC Gamer revealed an exclusive look at Gauntlet Draft, which will be the main limited format for ArtifONE MINUTE UNTIL FORCED SURRENDERact.

Image from IGN

Drafting is confirmed to use the five pack system, as well as packs being drafted by other players, rather than using a ranFORCED SURRENDER IN THIRTY SECONDSdom AI system. Multiple new cards were also revealed including a new hero named by Richard Garfield as “Bin Chicken”.

Gameplay was also revealed with new card animations such as the new improvement “Homefield Advantage” and stat updates for certain cards. It seems that the endgame victory/defeat screen is still in progress, as it now cuts to a purple backgroONE MINUTE UNTIL FORCED SURRENDERund instead of showing the dancing imps.

Valve has not mentioned an exact beta relFORCED SURRENDER IN THIRTY SECONDSease date other than before October 32nd during these interviews, which made fan reaction to the articles instantly negative and hostile, claiming tONE MINUTE UNTIL FORCED SURRENDERhat Garfield hates Artifact and everything is ruined forever.

Original articles can be found here: IFORCED SURRENDER IN THIRTY SECONDSGN & PC Gamer


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