Man says ‘Artifact is not Pay2Win’ after selling two hundred dollars worth of Dota 2 items in preparation for Artifact

A Dota 2 player who wished to remain anonymous is starting to sell his eight-year-old inventory to prepare for the upcoming game Artifact.

According to the 2k MMR player, he says that it’s best to get it done now before everyone else starts selling their items to play the game, which ‘will obviously tank the prices of this $8 immortal from this hero I never play’.

“I mean, if I want to play Red/Black, nobody knows how much Axe will cost to pick up, never mind a full set of Burning Oil and Arcane Censure. Oh, and I need a few copies of Cursed Satyr too…”

After a few hours of wondering whether to keep his Ursa claws (“I haven’t played him for like a year but jungle is eventually going to get better next patch, right?”), he estimates that over two hundred dollars will be gained from his selling on the Marketplace, minus the twenty dollars of Valve taxes. Asked to why he needs so much for the launch a single game, he quickly started to stutter and nervously look around.

“No, Artifact is not ‘Pay to win’. It’s pay to play, there’s a huge difference. I mean, it’ll be cheaper than Magic, right? That’s like, seven hundred for a single deck of cards! I can totally buy an Artifact deck for fifty or a hundred, tops… maybe a hundred and fifty. I’m saving over five hundred dollars!”

Currently message boards are buzzing with flame wars over the difference of wording, with some pointing out that ‘you need to buy a basketball if you want to play on a basketball court’.

“It’s an investment, not pay to win,” says a fan on Twitter. “You just buy a hundred copies of Iron Fog Goldmine and hold onto them for five years, then bam! Easy twenty dollars. It’s like bitcoin.”

Meanwhile, the inventory seller is positive that this will be a good thing.

“I mean, I wasn’t playing Shadow Fiend, and a lot of the items I got from levelling my compendiums up to level five hundred, so it’s basically free money to buy cards.”

“I can also use my Dota 2 figurines as Artifact ones, so it’s like they’ve gained double the value. It’s just a great deal.”


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