ArtifactCard.Trade launches with ambitious ‘No Beta Key’ plan


The new ArtifactCard.Trade website is launching with articles and content about the upcoming Valve card game Artifact. With hot takes on the economy, trading, esports and lore, ArtifactCard.Trade is here to stay.

ArtifactCard.Trade will begin with a radical new look on the Artifact media landscape with having no beta keys to give away in confusing challenges or rigged Gleam competitions that make you spam your friends timeline with useless raffle links.

“I spent ten bucks on the domain name already, does it look like I can afford whatever the scalpers are making people pay on eBay?” says the head of ArtifactCard.Trade, Jackson “JacksonHoward” Howard.

ArtifactCard.Trade is proud to offer up-to-date info on the newest deck techs and economy news in two months when the site writers get into the game.

We are happy at ArtifactCard.Trade to join the Artifact community and hope to demolish your towers and ancient soon!


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Head of Operations at ArtifactCard.Trade.