Artifact to pricematch Magic: The Gathering’s $14 boosters

In order to make Magic: The Gathering players feel welcome to Artifact when it releases, Valve are pricematching MTG’s Ultimate Masters $14 USD booster pack MSRP on launch.

“While we’ve been seeing some hardcore players settling in right at home with the usual Valve Time Rage, we believe that we can increase to the standard that Wizards of the Coast have set in tone-deafness and disregard for their player-base in order to make Magic players feel welcome starting up Artifact.”

The starter set will now give one and a half booster packs for $20 USD to match WOTC’s current price gouging. The two starter decks will now be completely made up of Common and Uncommon cards to complete the experience for veteran players.

While prices have not been confirmed for draft, various beta testers have leaked that an initial pricepoint of around $50 USD per draft is being considered.


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