Artifact produces more salt than Dota 2 or CS:GO this month, Morton stock increases

Valve are pleased to announce that their new game Artifact has produced a larger amount of salt than Dota 2 and CS:GO this month, exceeding expectations for the upcoming game. While salt production has been down for their two most popular titles this last quarter, Valve are expecting big results for their upcoming flamewar-creating powerhouse.

“Tapping into the TCG market while applying our trademark Valve recipe has proven to be successful from the word go, and we expect Artifact to be a strong pillar of salt next to our best-selling IceFrog Salt, as well as our Counter-Strike Salt, a classic since 1999.”

‘IceFrog Salt’ has been a staple of the NA region ever since being picked up by Valve in 2010, and with this new ‘Artifact Salt’ the company hopes to secure their place as the most potent salt on the market.

“With the patented Valve Time formula, we’ve seen massive success in our first production run. The RNG of Artifact as well as the classic TCG system of card balance arguments will be the main engines in producing Artifact Salt after the game is released on October 50th.”

Morton Salt’s parent company K+S AG who are the main distributor have already seen an increase in profits. They hope that this new vein of salt will compete directly with Valve’s main salt rivals, ‘Blizzard Salt’ which has been marketing itself as 80% less toxic than the competition, and the ‘Fighting Games Union Salt’ which has come back to its former glory-days and has shown great promise with the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


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